Heath McAdams the owner of JHM Contracting created this area for us to hunt this year.  "The Bermuda Triangle"  A Summit 16ft. Watchtower Tripod Stand overlooks the entire area.

‚ÄčTriple Forks Hunting

Triple Forks Hunting is located in a part of Alabama known for its beauty and diversity.  The land itself is a mixture of rolling hills, rustling streams, open food plots, pine plantation and a variety of natural hardwoods.

We take pride in our client's privacy.  Whether you are the CEO of a company or in the media daily you can rest assured that your privacy is very important to us.  You will be able to relax in style and be rest assured your trip will be one to remember.

Strolling the hunting fields or sitting in a boat, people quickly get past the formalities that are often apparent in the office.  When relieved of titles, expectations and the stresses of everyday life, team members are able to step back, unwind and get to know one another in a manner that simply cannot be accomplished in the confines of a meeting room.

Your home away from home during your stay with Triple Forks Hunting.  Our beautiful cabin provides all the comfort and amenities of home along with incredible hunting opportunities right out the back door.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Corporate Hunts and Respected Privacy